Lessons learned along the way, hard lessons some that hurt some you just know not to do again. We learn to or a principle is there in our minds.

My principles and opinions are there through experience in life, I don’t stick to them through stubeness or because I am awkward. Something tells me it’s right that I should stick to them

I would not have certain ways if I knew they hurt people or cause friction and an argument. I am easy going but have old ways that are set because I believe in them. I can’t change what I think is right just to please someone and go against what I think is the right thing to do.

Do I change what is inside me all these years to keep the peace, or do I listen to reason. There not big things I stick to just a few things that I believe in and make me the man I am today.

Its only good i want to come out of every single thing I do, to help in anyway, to give advice in ant situation, stop what I do to help my friend who needs help.

Go out of my way to rescue someone from a bad day, change my plans at the last minute, cancel what I was going to do. Drop everything your doing to assist another human being you have never seen before as he struggles.

Think of the everyone else first. I do because I love helping my family and few friends, not knowing it will change my day.

So if I have a few principles or beliefs or just things I think are ✅?, is that to much to ask.

I Did It Blackies Way.