5.35 AM

Awake again listening to Bryan Ferry as my Ruth sleeps next to me. I love the feeling of the next day, I can’t wait for it to start, a feeling I only ever felt when I was waiting for Christmas morning and a new toy Tank.

So my feeling is of 😊 and excitement, to be like this means so much and I never let it take over to much as I know things can change at a drop of a hat. It is that good I make things with my hands all day and look at the clock to see how much time I have left, still carving my Robin for Christmas or another Bracelet.

Is it rare to feel like this I dint know but is very self satisfying and need to tell my followers of my happiness not sadness to be truthful and honest in my blog.

It is my Therapy to make me better, I told my friend yesterday while driving I feel I don’t need to tell anymore upsetting chapters in my life, or any bad things that happened to me as a child. Yes there is lots more but my wife family and friends know how my life was formed and what I went through.

I find myself clear in my mind and wake up not feeling I have to tell any more stories all true, just a new story of new things, my birds and new adventures me and my mate AL.

Chas told me to me proud if you inspire someone to do what your doing or buy the same camera or Lens as you, learn to wood Carve or copy things you do. As they trust you and want to achieve the same as its pleasing and could make them as happy as you are.

Life will always have a Test, and i have come to understand that and know there are many more to come but waking up wanting the New Day to start is a feeling of total contentment.

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