Colours in the distance

The soft brush gentle and with emotional feeling moved around the old wooden pallet. Colours from past paintings 🖼 all with there story and how they became famous after the artist death.

The old withered hand, ageing hands dark from hours of sun, down by the old boat 🏠. Moving with grace another beautiful masterpiece is created from his 👁 eyesight.

His old hand carved easel under arm knocking like the woodpecker, as his old leather shoes worn from walks in the country make their way back to the old log cabin.

The black and white shape of his faithful Border Colly sits waiting for his return, tail wagging as he sees his master walking towards him. He pushes his old legs up to greet him like he has done for 16 years, they meet old eyes make contact with each other.

They make their way to the fireplace and sit together, he looks up at the painting of his pal when he was young and full of life looking out over the lake, pink tongue hanging down panting in the midday heat. A painting by his hand so many years ago.

The left arm drops down the chair and touches the neck of his pal, gently rubbing him behind his still soft black and white ears, a sigh as the feeling of his masters hand moves like his paint brush with feeling and love

They both sit and look through the old shuttered window as the rain falls soflty creating a Beautiful 🌈.

Its their time both old but happy they see the Rainbow for the last time on earth. Their eyes close together and lie silent in total peace. They wake over Rainbow Bridge the Artist is a boy and by his side is a black and white border colly puppie. They walk in the green grass together and find a beautiful still lake with a boat house, he looks down and rubs his trusted friend behind his ears.

Together forever over Rainbow 🌈 Bridge.

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