We meet again little Sparrow the time I put your food out is here, you wait patiently in the Holly tree sitting on the splintered branch. Your family watch you from my rooftop waiting for the sign, All is clear.

The lens cap comes off the power is turned on focus, turn your litte brown head for me. O you are so beautiful, no bright colours of red,yellow,green, or blue but different shades of brown. Coffee colour beige and black. Little beak glossy, tiny grey feet.

Male House Sparrow.

You are the reason I look through the camera capturing your beauty, as you sing a song. Your call now can be heard in my living room as my Bella African Grey Parrot mimics your call to perfection.

You have a another species I looked for many years, I was told you are in decline just like many other species that suffer through the Human Race. Your image is printed and sits in my Best Photo album and you will be a star in your own right as my friends see you close up and see for the first time your feather detail.

The food is out see you in the morning my little Sparrow.