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The Story So Far

I have written about many things in my 2020 life stories, a lot about my childhood and growing up. From a boy to a man upsetting stories I know. Speaking the truth I tell it as it was from my heart. There have been times when I have stopped and asked myself should I put this down in writing.

By telling the world how it was has made me come to understand myself. The words built up over time released from my soul. People have said to me they love my honesty and can relate to me, sence how I feel. I have never written anything that would cause upset intentionally.

The truth is I feel less inner pain and thoughts, by mind better clearer now, gone are the deamons and troubled memories of the past. You can judge someone you don’t know but don’t judge the person who only tells the truth in simple spoken words.

My blog or story telling has given me a new lease of life, no more will I write of the past its over as Roy said. Bring it on the Happy Times ahead the adventures. Great photography with images of wildlife colour and beauty.

I ask my Ruth everyday without fail have I made you laugh today. I don’t ask that anymore as wake up happy and we smile at each other. Then I come in dancing with her morning cup of tea singing, Up on the Roof.

Do my funny walks that were non existent for a few years, sing the house down everymorning. Do not for sake me o my Darling, from High Noon. Play the invisible Alto Sax in the kitchen to Baker Street.

My confidence gone for a while back as I play my Harmonica in front of my Friends Albert and Jackie, something I would not have done once. I wish I express how good I feel the day is not long enough, making things from when I get up to bedtime.

Cramming the day with as much as I can do, looking after Ruth cooking DIY, teaching our Bella new Nursery songs or new words she thrives on. New Toys from wood and plastic for daily Stimulation like a 6 year old child needing the parents devotion to their upbringing.

Thank you for reading my journey so far and understanding the man %99 of you will never meet, all I can say is On And Upwards.

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