The bird lies injured, the glass broken the jigsaw missing a piece, engine exhausted, no wind for the kite. Sapped of all energy, windmill still, the grass white no rain, rivers dry rocks exposed.

Withering flower, wheel no rotation, trapped in the rock pool, beached whale. Darkness no light,

Rise now injured bird reach out with your wings fly with the the lost jigsaw piece, flap your wings bring wind for the kite. Let me take your strength and be strong again, we can turn the windmill again make the clouds rain and lie on the now green grass.

Fly up the river to break the dam releasing the water for life to flourish again.

Small now tall, weak now strong, hope to glory, hands still no wood just wine, its now your time.

The injured bird now a Golden Eagle, you are admired my others, you Inspire people, bring laughter, love and happiness. Reach for the stars take a new challenge, conquer it.

Your back with a Bang.

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