Boots made of silk 2 white strands tied in a bow gentle round my small soft skinned feet. Black pumps rubber shiny on the front black cotton laces start gig then snap smaller they get with age. My first school shoes all shiny first day I tie my first of many bow.

Laced up the same they cross over day after day, the first knot that gets tighter and smaller. The old Leather football boots laces so long they will trip me up, come undone. Mud will form on them and dry with memories of the match.

They connect with the leather ball as you hit the laces so tight to score your first goal. You pull the new laces for Sunday school shoes all shiny walk to the church

Tied now for work they will get covered in flour in the bakery, get caught in your bike as they pedal fast late again. They push the gear change lever on your first motorbike.

Black plimsolls get tied in a way never done before new but the Army way, black boots will get tied for 22vyears not twisted or you will get punished. Done ✔. They march for years in many different parade grounds quick slow.

Slowly they carry the coffin making graceful movements across the cobbled stones. Laced for the race across country, over the steeplechase in the Relay they won’t come undone.

The rubber has long ones on as you tie them for a chemical attack, you use them to tie things of all shapes and sizes.

The new ones get perfectly tied for Remembering the fallen every Sunday at 11am.

Shoes shiny laces tied for your wedding day, black brown and colours may change but they hold your shoes, boots, pumps on as always. Silk to cotton tied in holes always round

You will only tie one as you get older the other in plaster no need for a bow.

Laces over time tied so many times by your hands small then big. Laces on your childrens feet, grandchildrens feet you teach how to tie correctly.

Laces that one day you won’t be able to tie body still in peace, other hands will tie them for the last time, from blue silk boots to shiny shoes laces support you in time.