6.05 November 1988

I sat in the living room in my military house, a little boy my Son sat on my knee and we had beans and Sausage in tomato sauce. His cup of tea was in his little plastic mug, I told him that I was waiting for the phone to ring because his mummy was having our baby. We didn’t know if it was a Boy or Girl.

The time went so slow the car ready to make our journey, Daniel 18 month old not knowing he would have a little brother os sister to play with. We waited patiently 🙏 😌 both tired up all night We drifted off to sleep on our army settee.

The Guardroom corporal rang me with an early call I had booked the day before, me and Daniel went and sat in the Engine room of the camp that operated through the night 🌙. The phone rang sometime after 6 and a Lady said she was from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital 🏥 in Aldershot.

Hello Sergeant Blackburn who have a Little Girl born at 6.05 weighing 6lb 8oz. The Nissan Bluebird made its way along dark country lanes just missing a deer as we drove in a haze, my thoughts racing and excitement 😀. We arrived and a Nurse in White Maroon and wearing a headress like an old war film I had seen, met me at the door.

Me and Daniel walked in and we saw his Sister and my Daughter for the first time. She was handed to me and the Little Girl fitted in the palm of my hand.

It was what I had prayed for and I had a name for her 12 months earlier. She would be named Kerry Louise Blackburn. Her journey had started she would see the world with her brother as the family would serve alongside me support me were ever I went.

Since that morning 32 years ago I phone or send a message every year at 6.05 saying Happy Birthday.

Kerry Louise xx