If you have lost your wife or husband, brother or sister, child or children, grandchildren, grandparents. Cousins nephew a close friend someone who means a lot to you.

Through Cancer or any illness or an accident, disaster or any other reason.

Then you are the people that won’t have a Christmas like before will never be the same again your life has changed forever.

Who have lost their job, their house, have no income coming in. With depression illness or physical or mental abuse, living on the streets suicidal thoughts.

You are the only people that should be saying but won’t be saying how will we spend Christmas.

I am fed up of seeing it hearing it how can we or will we spend Christmas.

Its a Day 24 hours drinking and eating getting spoilt.

If you are worried about Christmas and are fed up you can’t spend it like you usually do. Then be ashamed of yourself and spare a thought for all the people are worse off than you.