Places of Peace.

If you feel down and can’t sleep try and go to a place, a place of peace one that will get clearer the more times you visit.

We have all had nights when we can’t sleep, things that trouble your mind small trivial things, something that was said, a disagreement.

I hope I am not alone in the can’t sleep again club. But if your troubled in a more serious way through sadness or grief then you will understand what I say when thoughts won’t go away, no erasure to rub out, no click and delete, hide away never to be seen again.

My Place Of Peace

I would listen to Enya then Vangelis continously all night, night after night my mind racing no brake would stop it, a train going in all directions points changing as I said stop doing this.

I found a path with soft white sand it was just wide enough for me to walk, it went slightly down hill bending from left to right. Shrubs and bushes either side with red and yellow flowers. Breathing in slowly the smell of spring blossom.

As I walk down I feel a sense of peace come over me, turn and head straight i see a clearing ahead. The flowers fragrance gets weaker as I come to the clearing, and I gaze at a Beautiful still like a mill pond Lake.

Nestled on the sand lies a old wood boat, the smallest rock holding the rope as its anchor. It beckons me forward as I step onto the cold grained wood, I sit down and gently take one Oar then the other, making ripples across the perfect still lake i push down then back and forwards.

There is no sound like a Mute button the peace fills my body, there is no shore line as I look round just water then I stop let the oars drop till they rest silent in the water.

I sit in peace no thoughts just me my boat on my lake.

Blackie visits the lake many times till one day he can’t find the path no more, its gone.