The clock ticks the hand goes round up on the wall it makes that sound, some loud some silent all moving in sink above the old Belfast sink.

It’s time for bed mum said, no time waste dad shouts from his shed. Time is on our side as the cowboy rides, time we left here the soldier crys. My time has come my work is done. Time flys so quickly as I get older, make more of the time as the lad gets older.

Its on your wrist it glows in the dark its by your bed it rings in the dark, wakey wakey rise and shine your late for work you heard no Chime.

Wind it up move your wrist the battery is dead I guess instead, wind it up, move the hands gently does it clockwise. Bath time, dinner time, tea time calls out. Time for the Queen it 3 but the Turkey take 6 is it done yet.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day, fritter a waste the hours in an old fat wat way, digging around on a piece of ground in your home town waiting for something to show you the way  Floyd said Time from DSOTM.

Its 11 the men stand still A Million Men look nervous at the watch face for the last Time  then the whistle blows they climbed the ladder their time has come to kingdom they come, The Gates are open his arms are open no more Time its Heaven at last.

I lean forward in the blocks spikes grip as I look down at the track, will I be first the stopwatch ready, bang we’re off 50 secs not bad for a 38 year old lad.

2 o’clock is she coming the groom waits sweat a dripping, left at the Alter he checks his Rolex its 5 minute’s to the guest all check there’s to.

The clock ticks its High Noon the camera focus on the clock in the Saloon many times till noon. Gary waits guns loaded his bride leaves soon she will not wait for noon.

Knees are gone the crowd look on will he make it has been 2 hours and 59 seconds time for a drink time ticking away he starts to sway, legs all weak the big hand hits 3, the under 3 hours has gone.

Metronome sounds as the boy learns drill, marching in time. Quick march slow march the time is called out.

Time is like a Clock in my Heart, Culture Club sing out, song times get longer as time has gone on.

Big Ben rings out Aother New Year arrives, time for drink i think,

The Clock ticks on so many years gone, told from a stick and string on the ground as the Sun turns slowly round. The Station master reaches into his breast pocket, gold chain and Watch he opens the front, smoke  blows in the distance, Its Bang On Time the 12.59.

Can I hold you for the last time your taxi is waiting its blowing its horn. Time is 93.43 in Aguero gets the Ball, Blue Moon rises on 95mins Blackie a smiling.

Mobile Time, clock Time car time my time your time.

The Clock will tick digital and analogue change each year to lighten the night.

Time to finish this Blog.