Britain’s Favourite Bird

The Robin red breast is our little treasure with a population of over 6 million it is written obout appears on Christmas cards in movies. The Robin is friendly but will defend its territory. It sings all year round and sings through the night.

If there’s one call I here when I walk in the countryside its the Robin, like a guide it calls high from the tree tops, sitting showing its red breadt off. There quick to land when you dig new soil over or move garden waste round picking off small insects.

When I visited the our van in winter time it was freezing cold so I sat on the floor with the door open and had a sandwich. I look as a little Robin hopped in to the kitchen then came close to me feet for a bit of bread. Then it went down the hallway into our bedroom then back to me for more bread.

There very hard to tell apart when it comes to male and female, but what I have found is ther such a joy to photograph. If there’s not a lot happening and its quiet then the Robin will sit for me wings dropped looking proud for the moment my shutter is released.

What a beautiful bird we have as our favourite and such a amazing red breast.

The Robin.