A Little Winter Visitor

The west coast of the UK is vast for a human to look at but somewhere in Scandinavia Alaska Greenland or Canada a little Bird thinks of warmer climates. A small white Bunting thinks of its journey to warmer shores its flight so dangerous with storms and hazards along the way.

But its little wings will fly to the shores of Fleetwood Lancashire once more, how it remembers to come exactly to the same beach I do not no and is fascinating to say the least. Its the time I love cold dry frosty days my beloved camera in hand trying to find the Snow Bunting on a huge beach covered in sand and pebbles my eyes like Ziess glass focusing on every little movement.

I walk back an forth to where it came last year and sit for a while as the Linnet lands in small flocks to feed. The male and female Stonechat can be heard in the sand dunes with beautiful plumage sitting perched on beach grass.

I vist many days eyes full of excitement as I ask people have you seen the Snow Bunting this year. The answer is always yes its here somewhere Camouflage into the pebbles and debris along the shores edge.

As I walk wind blowing the coastal salty air into my face head and eyes scanning as I go the small Bunting is a winter present for me a sense of happiness as I spot it on its own again like a grain of sand on a huge stretch of northern coastline.

Hello my little beauty you were hard to find like always, let me sit with you gaze at your beautiful plumage with winter colours. Just a few images to show my followers your image and let them know of your travels from a far. Your on the Amber warning list but I hope the climate and human impact won’t stop you coming once a year to cheer my up.

Thank you little Snow Bunting see you next year I hope.