Grey Heron Gallery

The coast or lake Pond or river even your garden pond are hunting grounds for the Heron. I first came across the Heron on a river and quickly learned that you don’t get close to an Adult Heron. They have great ๐Ÿ‘ so after my first encounter I new it would take skill and good knowledge to get close to this prehistoric looking bird.

Grey Heron.

About 4 mile from my house there is a lovely park where the birds fly and mate,breed and rear their young. With fish in the lake and young chick’s this is a ideal place for the Heron to bring up the herin young.

Grey Heron

In Feb they arrive on a small wooded island about 100 feet from the busy road but separated by water. They start to build their nests and choose a mate.

For a big bird they bring the sticks into the nest with such grace and pass it to the mate for building. They use branches from the ground and snap branches off the trees with the strong grey beak.

Heron with stick for the nest.

The opportunity to film these birds is a must for me and I look forward to this time of year. The behaviour is very interesting to film with bathing and preening, strange postures and fishing techniques they make a great bird to film.

We are very lucky to have such an amazing bird to capture in the wild and may my images be interesting to my followers.

Thanks for looking.