Weighing 220grams with a lifespan of 4 years has an old country name Windhover. The Kestrel can keep its head still while it hovers wings beating every so often.

Kestrel Sony A7r4 200-600

This member of the falcon family is an amazing bird of prey to photograph. I rarely see it on my travels and if I do its of in the distance.

My closet encounter was when I was waiting in long grass in my Sniper suit when a Kestrel landed 4 feet away on a post, looked down at me for a second then tried to work out what I was. The image so close I couldn’t crop it in post.

I love the Kestrel like all birds with a beautiful face and sharp razor like eyes and skilled hunter.

I was lucky enough to capture it this year as I waited for the Barn Owl when it hovered above me to the right. It was very high but having 61mp in the Sony A7r4 I cropped in and got some lovely images against a blue sky.