When Eyes Meet in the wild

Every so often you experience a meeting with an animal and this happened to me with the Red Fox one year. It was the summer when i came across the fox moving past my wildlife hide. So every morning i would walk the back way to my hide and it was as i came to the barn, i slowed down and the Fox just came across my path. I made a noise like a mouse and it stopped and looked straight at me.

It then went from sight and i peered through the bushes and it looked back at me through the undergrowth, the feeling when it looked into my eye was amazing. Then 2 days later i laid in wait for it and it came out 10 feet from me

I was in my 3d leaf suit when it came out really close to me and our eyes met again the feeling of excitement was priceless.

Then a week later i waited where i saw coming out and going back in the same place. I sat and waited for over 2 hours and was drifting off when something caught my eye moving in the bushes. The little Cub came out and spotted me and moved its head like a Puppy does when it was trying to work out what i was. This was the first time i had ever seen a Fox Cub.

I will never forget the feeling when me and the Red Fox family exchange Glances