Morning Readers

The day starts with some lovely music by Green Sun sitting getting excited about what the day will bring, life can be so good and why i have to write and say your world is yours to conquer. Sit back and do nothing but don’t expect it to be great, do a little in the day maybe one thing thats better than nothing

Don’t turn the TV on, turn your phone off, laptop Pc, and tablet away for the day.

Just look around what is on your doorstep, don’t be put off by not being able to meet anyone just do it for you. Go walk on the coast, in the park, by a river, through the streets. Look at things you don’t see when driving everywhere.

Sit in peace and quiet let your mind drift away to the lake and the little rowing boat oars waiting to be picked up and row gently trying not to disturb the perfect still lake. Row to the middle lift the oars and lay back look up at the sky. Dream fantasies about wonderful things, smile your Alive in your little peaceful place.

Life is good.

Dont blame the world for being down, the world won’t help you, you won’t change the world or change what is going to happen

Its your world and its what you make of it.