Old Pals

I walk through the field of gold wheat rays of sun lighting my way, my hands brush softly as I go. There’s no end to the field, Skylark so high singing my favourite song of love and happiness.

Eyes wide an aperture to capture the golden figure leaping with strong legs, mouth smiling my master my best buddy. Fur golden like the wheat eyes clear wide and full of life he makes his way towards me.

My slow walk gets quicker the into a run jumping excitement fills my heart and body as I make my way to meet my beloved friend.

The time is right as we both take flight our hearts meat crushing the golden wheat rolling together we embrace and hold each other tight an eternal bond never to be broken.

Another tongue licks my face its small but warm with love, little ears pricked up he gazes into my happy eyes filled with so much love for my best friends. We fight together the wheat rolling round we leave a heart shape in the wheat.

Running side by side Labrador and Jack Russell leap forward i jump with them our hearts leaping as one we disappear in the distance to where who knows.