Hero By the Fire

It was 1983 the Bavarian pine forest was dark visibility nil, men looking into the flames of a camp fire. The cold air biting at the spine, feet covered in military green wool socks. Hands of all shapes and sizes. Hair long some short, a beard mustache. Clothing black olive and green.

Voices some deep some Scottish English and Irish not many Welsh. The men spoke of Thatcher pay rises and better equipment, gone were Labour no more cuts. Laughter and joking as flames died down, voices quiet travelled through the woods.

Sat next to me was a man I had never seen before a normal man thick black beard covered his face. We spoke and exchanged conversation about life the Army and many subjects.

Silence for a second then the man with the beard said let me tell you a mouth when I Stormed The Embassy in London.

I had been sat next to a Hero a True Hero who put his life on the line to save others.

What a Privilege it was.