The Beautiful Jay

I was tricked by a bird in 2015 when I set my wildlife hide up in a peaceful retreat where no people go. Its heaven and mental therapy no money can buy. The trees Silver Birch, Oak, Sycamore Rowan, Hawthorn and Beach encircled the little wood 6×8 hut, built by means Ruth.

Fruit trees blossom, Blueberry and Plum, Teasel Thistle and plants all making it a birds paradise. Not just birds but Red Fox, Roe Deer, Stoat, and Brown Hare visit. The little pond will become the drinking place for all species of birds.

The pond is a bath for the birds in summer. My first year there was very special as I had never been really close to certain species of bird on my own. Observing behaviour never witnessed before by my eyes, learning all the time.

A bird i water to film was the Jay a secret bird i always saw high up in the trees or flying away as it spotted me. So when the Tawny Owl and Buzzard called in the morning I got very excited but I was tricked it was the the Jay mimicking the birds.

Something I learned from the first year is this bird is a character in its own league, a big bird with colours of bright blue Pinkish blush, brown and a kind of burgundy. A bird that will take peanuts till it can carry anymore. The Jay is one brilliant bird I have come to love and talk about to people.

It makes head feathers pricked up like a permed haircut, hide behind tree branches, lie in the sun wings stretched out smiling as Ants clean its wings. It will Bath in the little pond. On one occasion I decide to film it eating nuts counting how many it would be able to carry. 28 nuts it took before it flew off.

Before long I was getting my first images of this bird coming into land just admiring it sing it close up sometimes 5 Jay would come in all at the same time. Birds in flight is my go to image as it shows the bird in all its glory colour and grace. So my goal was and still is my favourite bird after the Owl and Kingfisher the bird I love to capture in flight.

Over 5 years I captured the Jay in many different poses and I hope this gives you a better understanding of the Jay. Please enjoy this beautiful bird in all its glory. Roll on next year so I can capture it again.