Why I left Facebook

Ever since using social media when it began years ago i posted honest reviews about my photography work letting people know about my experience out in the field. Over the years as i learn photography and using 5 different brands of camera, and Lens. Daily monthly annual posts covering bird species all over the globe i was always confused about other photographers comments on my images.

I left a certain social media site because of non related questions about my posts, no nice comments just what are your settings. Being a helpful person who helps others who need advice on photography i have helped advised a lot of people in the last 5 years, advice on what camera to buy and spending time with them in my hide or at my van.

It is very rewarding when people are inspired by you and trust my knowledge advice. So many people told me to share my images as they were that good, that’s what i was told so many times so after research i decided on WordPress. The problem was that people could not see my images anymore so i decided to share my images in a Link on Facebook.

So after i posted my Turnstone images on Sat 7th November 20 i shared it so my followers could see what the Sony A7r4 and 200-600 Lens can produce. I don’t look at comments anymore because i know my images are Top Notch that’s why they wanted one for the World Owl Magazine front cover. But someone said a person had made a comment on my Turnstone images stating that he cant trust his Sony A7r4 for birds in flight.

All i can say is i am so glad i left the media site and just post on here but if my images are not proof of what a Camera can do then i don’t know what more i can do.

Like i have always said its the user behind the equipment, i stood with a Rifle on the Ranges in the Army a lad stood next to me with the same Rifle same ammunition. We were at 300 metres the Target was 12×12 we had 20 rounds.

I hit 19 in the 12×12 area the lad next to me hit 5 missed the target with 15.

I sat with my mate in my Hide he had the same setup as me we took images of the same birds, he wont mind me saying most of my images were razor sharp but my mates were just slightly out of focus.

I will post this gallery just in case the guy who said he didn’t trust the Sony A7r4 for Birds In Flight.

Enough said.