My FIRST Long Walk

Operation over, healing process done, my walking has been a missing pleasure. The streets of Cleveleys feel different. Leaves all gone people missing car parks empty.

I am in a Sci fi film everyone wheres masks and moves away from you. Strange markings on shop floors footprint signs leading the way. Notices cover shop windows, shops are closed.

Shops empty business closed until further notice, gels sprays for your hands as I walk in to buy my mints to suck on the way home.

War of the worlds springs to mind, will I see a spaceship tower over the Village of Thornton. Things are strange I feel something has happened to the world I have not read or looked at the news as it depressis me.

Post man rushes up my path dropping letter on doorstep knocking and running away, courier wearing a face mask bangs on the door and moves away quick waving as he goes.

My ankle feels good as I arrive home. I feel better in myself my walking has started again maybe the world will look different but will never change back to the way it was. Has the Human race one that grows daily become that overcrowded it has caused the catastrophic disease that attacks our planet.

We will never learn, extinction for animals and a Cull for the human race I feel and more to come want more and more but forget the basics of life.