Sharing My Birds in Flight Settings

Years of self teaching has given me so much heartache on many occasions coming back with a new set up and all the images being soft out of focus, focus point in the wrong place. Half the bird in the frame, blown out through over exposure. To dark, to much Noise, i could go on and cover more situations but i think you know what i mean if you have experienced what i have just explained.

Anyway in a lot of my early posts on here i mention the fact that i am a big believer in sharing my knowledge and pass on my settings or anything that i think a Photographer beginner or professional would find helpful, I always say its never to late to learn, we learn from others simple things and more complicated things but what ever it is could just give them a better outcome on their photography journey.

I am a massive fan of Birds In Flight, it tests me to the limit in many different situations in the UK, not having great light it is a question of having my gear ready and if the sun comes out i jump in the car and head to a location. I am very lucky by having my Wildlife Hide in Yorkshire where i can sit and practice on small birds 10 Months of the year, then in winter i live 1 mile from the West Coast and have 2 big Lakes where winter birds come in. I also have the estuary close by for the Waders who visit daily when the tide goes out.

S yes i have a wide variety of locations in 12 months where i can take images of fantastic wildlife, but its time to share my settings as there must be people like the man who said he didn’t trust his Sony A7r4, well if i can take images i am over the moon with then the equipment speaks for itself. Yes there will be occasions where micro adjustments will be needed for back or front focus issues and there is always the Bad Copy of Lens.

So with that in mind i was wondering if there is anyway we can form some sort of forum on here where i can gain knowledge from other Sony A7r4 users, i get many likes from my followers and visitors to my site but never any comments or questions so if you can help me set something up where all can learn, no negative or rude remarks just helpful information between true honest photographers around the world. Please if your interested then help me by dropping me a line or email

Here is my simple equipment i shoot handheld all the time.

These are the settings for the Turnstone in flight and the Sanderlings and Oystercatcher.