A New Chapter.

A sense of calmness has taken hold of my mind and body, one i am trying to work out. A feeling I can’t describe but its so nice its like I am floating all the time. The once man you was ready to explode at any minute, who would over react.

Writing and sharing my small troubles has released me from daily torment and given me back something really special. I never thought I could change, I never looked in a Mirror for years as I hated the man I saw, I still don’t like it now why I can’t explain.

The new Journey has begun and I look forward and just want a New Day to start, can’t cram enough in my day its just so much fun. My lovely wife must be dizzy watching me never sitting still without making the next idea, or coming up with another plan, outing anything to make out life interesting.

I used to laugh when I heard people say I want to find the real me, well I found Ron, Blackie.

Time for my happy stories, funny stories I hope I can say or write in a way that will give pleasure and laughter to me readers or followers now 79, now its not a lot but making 1 follower happy or bring a smile to the face is worth it.

The Cleveleys Indoor Market

When I had my own little Garden business I work for many people, young and Old. Syd Little was my first customer. Anyway I worked for a lady in some flats who used to pay me weekly. We chatted every week about the weather and the birds, my life and her long life.

One day when I was off work I was shopping in Cleveleys when I approached the Market door it was heavy and needed a good hand to open it. As I approached the door I noticed the old lady I gardened for coming towards the door on the other side.

Knowing she could not open it it i did the gentleman thing and went to open it for her, she must have taken hold of the door handle when I did but having more strength I pulled and sadly the lady was caught off balance and fell backwards onto the market floor.

She fell so quick that it caused a draft upward draft that lifted her beautiful Grey Wig upwards and it rested on the Butchers glass counter. I rushed to help her feeling really bad as her pride must have been shattered so I lifted her up and helped her to her feet. I escorted her to a bench outside on the High Street sat her down and apologise to her again and again.

It was when a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said you better put her Wig back on. Well I turned it round so many times I just couldn’t get it to look write.

I settled down next to her and we chatted and I was happy she was ok. But all the time I kept looking at her Wig thinking that does not look right.