Labrador And The Teeth.

The Army kindly knocked my teeth out at the front so from 1978 I had 3 teeth at the front on a Pallet and I had many different types plastic metal all causing discomfort, they would fly out when laughing and stay in the Apple when I bit into it.

I lost them after a heavy nights drinking, and find them in strange places. Waking up and realising there not in your mouth was frightening. When a bit tipsy I would scare the children with them, put them on someone’s plate as they were eating.

The Teeth became little Ice breaker.

One sunny day in Aldershot i was in the kitchen watching the children play with monty our 1 year old Golden Labrador when I decided to join them in the fun. Playing and fighting I enjoyed the fun but left them to carry on.

In the kitchen I felt something missing from my mouth, my teeth were gone. I looked out of the window and my Son said I think Monty just picked up something shiny like your teeth Daddy.

O no I thought but new they were safe, I gave Monty some Breakfast and watched him eat it and said good boy now go out and go to the toilet as it was part of his training. I followed him round the garden until he assumed the position and he did his business.

My eyes were filled with joy as my teeth appeared nestled in the …. picking them out carefully I went in the kitchen put them under the hot tap and placed them back in my mouth. I shouted to my family I found my teeth Monty had them.