Camera life

O how lucky I am to have a creative imagative mind with the little metal box that produces a Story with every click. The buttons and numbers I look at daily striving for perfection, trying something new to stimulate my mind. Another image of thousands I have taken. Why is it so satisfying to look at a face, a bird, a old boat rotting away on the coast.

I spend all my time looking through the viewfinder, who is the man hiding behind the glass saying relax, smile, be yourself, look natural.

A quiet corner, the man with the metal box sits and wonders what he looks like when the green focus square beeps, your crystal clear, gently put pressure on the shutter button.

I need to see the man that asks so many things of his metal box, so he sits in anticipation, then stands not knowing who or what he will see. Will the image show Love, or tell a Tale like he writes in his daily Blog.

He learns from his moment a moment people will say how Vain he is to do such a thing. Is it a Selfie he invented back in the 70s that now is done by millions around the world. They don’t examine their image like he does. The importance to learn about himself the meaning and feeling coming from his expressions, his smile the Rincles on his face, the Laughter lines that make up the Photographer behind the little metal box

What Do You See
The Photographer

The little metal box tells so much you just have to imagine what he thinks?