Photography Opens Another Door

My journey has taken me to many places, a few images hang on people’s walls given as a gift so people can enjoy tha capture, the moment, story and maybe a memory of time frozen.

We are all different and we get a special feeling when another human being likes what you do for pleasure. So along the way you meet people, strangers when out and I find its so rewarding and makes you feel so good inside.

Yes I go out with an Aim to capture a subject and look for hours, wait for hours, days or weeks. So when the Photographer is bent on getting the Snow Bunting as it only comes once a year and is so hard to find.

I see a man and women with their pet dogs and ask them if it would be OK to take a photo of the dogs rain action as I call it.

The day before I was looking for the same bird but the weather was terrible, rain High winds and huge waves. I shelter in the long grass looking out to sea. The man on o Jet Ski hits a wave rises High above spray from the water like a majestic Swan landing.

The 200-600 moves to the horizontal position the green focus icon lights up and burst of 10 frames fires off.

I arrive home edit my Man on the Jet Ski, the 61mp is a joy, I crop in and save. I post the images on social media and within an hour the man comments Thats Me

I print the image of and this is the point I am going on about with the A7r4, you have a subject let’s say 1000 metres away you take the shot and edit crop % 90 and still produce an image that can be printed and placed in a frame

Last night the man on the Jet Ski called round to see me, his name is Nathan and we got chatting about his sport he loves to do. From that image I know have an opportunity to film him in action, and to put the icing on the Cake he also is a Dog Trainer happy for me to meet him and get more action shots

So in 2 days just by having the vision to capture something else other that birds has opened another exciting opportunity to get to know another person and enjoy what I love to do.