Are we spoilt with technology in this Digital age of photography. The Exposure Triangle still is the recipe that produces the image, the lens has got bigger and expensive most people can’t afford them, or carry them for long periods of time.

The elements that make up the lens, the Sensor in the camera all getting more complicated but that comes at a price. In body stability lens IS all making it easier to take an image in Low Light.

Sigma, Tamron and other 3rd party lens manufacturers making affordable equipment to use with the Canon, Nikon and Sony

From big DSLR to Micro Four Thirds to APS-C to Mirrorless. Extender 1.4 and 2 times helping for the reach to the subject.

Every accessory available from a battery grip, lens protection, LCD protection, covers for the camera body and Neoprene lens covers with any design you want.

Tripods from aluminium to carbon fibre , ball heads and Gimbal heads. Tripods to Monopod black green you name it all the colours of the rainbow.

Camera bags small to big designs to choose from, compartments for different uses, camouflage to beige, canvas, leather or waterproof. Straps for everything to be attached.

A battery charging in your pocket while you walk, SD, Cf, micro cards get bigger and will still fail on you. Image transfer from camera to Smartphone. Cropping editing in Camera, GPS WiFi and Bluetooth.

Bigger complicated menu systems that the average photography never learns, uses to its maximum, New words from the maker abbreviations you don’t understand the meaning of.

Dials and Buttons can be customised to your style of shooting, brightness of the LCD or viewfinder. Built in voice memo to record your image information.

Lens numbers each with a use, static to Horizontal, erratic movements. Buttons on the lens you can customise to go from a static subject to a moving subject.

With all that said I see a Bird and check my readings there right i press the shutter button and get a Lovely image that tells a story.

So I have a camera with 61 Mega Pixels a 200-600 lens that produces outstanding image quality. Where do I go next, Sony will be making another camera as I write this that will have more technology built into it, that they say will do something extraordinary.

When I go out today my Question is still the same, what Aperture do I use. What Shutter Speed do I need, What ISO do I go to.

Just take the shot.