Daily Challenge Achieved

Packed and ready i headed off the the coast where the old boats are, wet under foot and very muddy it was touch and go how close i could get and try and get the right angle.

Sony 90mm Macro Lens

The lens i choice was the 90mm for pure detail with the 61mp and what a lens and camera this combination is. The amazing resolution this camera and lens gives is amazing, so i will be trying portrait work this lens.

I want to find out the history behind these boats and bring the history to my blog with a lovely story.

As i walked back i rare sight a dog i have not seen for ages came past me so took the shot with the 90mm, take a look at the detail even after heavy crop.

Later in the afternoon we went back to the coast to catch the sunset but the clouds came in so i did some crystal ball images, then a Labrador was playing so i took a few images with the 90mm.

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