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Daily Challenge

From Birds to Streets to faces, to water droplets, scenery, stills or action. The Photographer wakes his mind sees a Boat an old boat washed up on the sand banks. Its journey, life, its tales of fisherman out in gale force winds just a memory hidden inside the now rusty aged Hull.

Built by men with skills now forgotten from the old Fleetwood fishing town. Men now in frames on walls in the Euston Hotel. Faces with a name they smile for the camera, black and white images hang along the curved corridor.

People pass by they look at the eyes and long beards on the fisherman’s wrinkled face. All with their story of the catch that got away, the storm and perils they endured to bring a meal to the table.

Where is a a boat that can inspire me to a tale, give me another challenge, capture it in a perfect light one that will move me when I edit it. Just another ship, or boat people pass everyday, on the windswept coastline.

I will find it today, rain maybe forecast, who cares, the rain may hit my face sting and go on my lens. Then think of the old fisherman holding on for dear life as his mate was swept overboard never to be seen again

Will it be Black and White or colour, close up or at a distance, have depth of field, angle must be right, light not important today the darker the better.

Will I achieve my challenge today?.

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