Sunday AM Thoughts

Feeling great inside happy and content with life is a very special feeling one I searched for, or did I. Its here and I am grateful.

So pass that feeling on in words to others, simple words that could just trigger something in someone, anyone of the 376 viewers to my site yesterday.

To make one person think differently or try something I said or did, knew what I was trying to explain in my story.

Nine Thousand 9000 views to date from August this year. UK, USA, India, Italy,Germany, Vietnam Nepal Africa Croatia Finland Canada Philippines and many more.

A person i don’t know, a man a women a boy a girl all reading my 390 different stories advice, knowledge adventures my hardship as a boy, my dreams my depression, hurt and torment.

To Total Peace just by telling them, you the viewer that visits my page, the person I will never meet or say hello to. The person I made laugh or brought a tear to their eye. The Photographer who tried a tip I gave in a camera experience.

I picture a man sat by a fire he has his troubles like I had, he sips his Wine and gazes into the flames thinking of his life where did it all go wrong, but that time has passed and he smiles and reads another tale from a man’s Life Through The Lens.

I can only hope thats what I do when I write, a hunger i have everyday to bring something so small to me but be a help to others, not as fortunate as me.

Is my Goal, Aim, and ambition.

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