In the Park Photo Session

I have taken photographs of family members over the last 3 years or more but its been single portraits. I find more than one person a challenge when it comes to focusing on both and getting bothe sets of eyes sharp.

I have made my plan from location equipment and a Aim behind what I am trying to achieve. The importance of enjoying the session have a story behind the image, and capture a natural pose

The light, shade and backgrounds are a challenge in itself. Framing the image without cropping,.

The model, or models position, hand position all must be right. Expressions and looks are so important for the image to be special.

All that said this is family and I know my subjects and that should make it easier for me. Me being relaxed and happy should pass to my Stepdaughter and Husband

So my Aim today Tuesday is to film or take images of Matthew and Laura, have Fun but most of all capture this loving couple looking Natural. To create a Special Moment for them both to look back on.