Ron’s Advice

You want to be a good photographer.

Do you have a love for 📷 photography?.

What do you want to photograph?.

What are you tying to achieve?.

Who are you doing it for?.

Who are you tying to please?.


Use your phone to start, take images of family, garden, flowers, sunsets, then look at a single image and ask yourself to explain what is behind it.

Will it be a memory one you are putting together to look back on. Show your partner or wife a friend and get there opinion.

Or just do it for yourself, and don’t worry what the other person sees.

We have a different perception to what we see, so you may think its great but the person next to you doesn’t.

If you then dislike your image because of the other person’s opinions you you struggle and end up like me doing it for the wrong reasons

I tried making people like my photography, its my mistake but I learned the hard way but it made me a different photographer today.

I am not bothered about how many comments or likes I get anymore I do it because I love. My image tells my story of my life captured from my eyes and hands, with feeling and emotion I get when I focus and press the shutter button.

So use your phone, the small compact camera, the Bridge camera, the DSLR, Full Frame, APS-C. Small Mega Pixels to Large Mega Pixels, small sensor to big sensor. Fancy straps or coverings, Designed labels to impress the person stood next to you.

£50,000 or £ 200 it don’t matter what you have, if you can’t see it or react to capture that split second image, here and gone in a second, then don’t waste your money. Look for something that comes to you naturally.

You can research all you want, look at Facebook groups that 5 say the camera is the best then 5 say it is not. Go down that road where there is an Eagle taking a Fish from the Water an image you would die for, but you get no comments

Thats Social Media Jelousy because they want that image you have taken. They won’t comment because they know its Amazing. I have been there it hurts when you spend 6 hours waiting for the bird and capture it but you don’t get a single like.

Be a Photographer but do it for yourself because you love your own pictures it brings you happiness just to out with your camera in the fresh air listening to the birds or the sea roll in. The lights downtown the atmosphere gives you that moment in time.

I pick my first camera up when I was 15 it had one button a roll of film with 12 images on. I only had ISO 100. But I loved it straight away.

Dolphin 1979 Kodak ISO 100