Something New.

My love for photography has taught me try new things, learning all the time from errors and mistakes wrong settings. Its so easy to concentrate on one aspect of photography but by looking for a styles to master has got to give you a better understanding of the camera.

If you follow my work i have many styles or types that I like to cover, this gives me more to write about and while I experiment with different styles I can write about my experience passing on my knowledge.

So I came across Black &White portrait images taken through a set of window blinds. The guy who was doing it had all the fancy equipment. So I looked into it and found it would cost a lot of money to create this portrait image looking through blinds with a cast of light just coming through the opening.

Anyway today I set up in my loft and tried my own method, I only had to buy the blinds that cost me £8. I used A4 card to create a beam of light, coming from my cheap USB Led lights.

Using a Grey backdrop i positioned my camera on a tripod and used a Remote trigger to focus on my top half.

I used the Sony A7r4 and the Tamron 28-75 f2.8

I feel very happy just spending 8 pound to create what I feel is a good first time exempt.