What More Is To Be Said.

The Sony 90mm f2.8 is just a beautiful amazing stunning piece of glass. The images it produces are breathtaking. The versatility this lens has covers many subject matter and therefore is a must for a photographer.

Indoors or out, you have a lens that will capture fast moving objects like a Bee in flight.

Sony 90mm.

Then try some water in a glass.

Sony 90mm

We then go to the sea front.

Sony 90mm

Into the living room with a Bluebell and some water droplets, flowers.

Sony 90mm

Try to be creative a leaf or a ring from the wife’s collection.

Then a close up of my African Grey Parrots eye.

Find a Dandelion and use fine water droplets the size of a pin head. Sit it gently on top of the Clock and use manual focus and capture it from the start to when the weight gets to heavy and it lies just on the surface

The to the garden and find a Woodlouse curled up

Sony 90mm

Then to the Park or the sea front, no its not a zoom lens but pair it with a camera with 61mp and you have a fast focusing f2 8 at your disposal.

Then get the 🔮 ball out.

Sony 90mm

Then its true glory getting in close and taking images of household items for a Guess the Object quiz.

Then back to insects.

Words fail me, but you make your mind up if this lens should be part of your lens collection.