Cody The Golden Labrador

I went to Fleetwood today to see if i could find the Snow Bunting, after walking for 40 minutes there was no sight off it anywhere so i made my way back to my car. As i was about to leave the sea front i spotted a man with a dog, a familiar dog a Golden Labrador that reminded me of Monty my Labrador. Many people are not aware that the Gun Dog breed is a tall elegant breed with a very athletic posture.

Monty from 1993

Anyway i introduced myself and we spoke about the Labrador so i asked if i could take some images of Cody swimming and looking for a stone that his owner tossed in the sea for him.

It was great to watch Cody enjoying himself and i captured some lovely images of him, i reminded the owner of my website as i was going to post images of Cody on my Blog.

I used the 200-600 plus the 1.4 extender and it nailed every image without loss of focus

Ron with Monty 1997
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