In the Park with the Sony f1.8 85mm

I ventured out in a very dark heavy cloud base Stanley Park. Meeting my Stepdaughter at safe distance. I made a plan out of what image I wanted and talk her through the photo session.

I found the lighting hard and exposure a problem and not wanting to use high ISO I kept my shutter speed low.

It was a great experience and the session taught me a lot about natural light and and working with 2 people. I wanted to get both subjects in focus but the light faded quick as I went from f1 8 upto f5.6.

Anyway I used different locations in the Park and I also had my 100-400 in my bag. This was for getting them walking with the dog at distance

The dynamic range on the A7r4vis great and although all my images looked dark they came out fantastic in Luminar 4.

Overall a great learning experience and can’t wait for my next one.

I used the 100-400 for Marvin there very energetic dog, even though the light was bad and shooting at ISO 2000 they turned out OK.

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