A7r4 Settings Cody in Action

Hi folks I am here sharing my settings for anyone who has the A7r4 and is interested in trying out my action settings

I start clean by Restting the Camera.

I set my top dial to Manual Mode.

File type RAW.

High Speed Burst +

Focus mode AFC-C

Focus Area Zone

Metering Mode Multi

Tracking Sensitivity Default 3

ISO I set from 100-2000 and use AUTO

SHUTTER SPEED for Cody coming towards me was set at 1/2500. Looking closely i think 1/3500 would have been ideal.

200-600 LENS settings.

Steadyshot left on on number 1

Focus Distance left on Full.

Auto Focus.

Cody was taken using the Sony 1 4 Ext fitted giving me a minimum Aperture of f9.

I have never used a Tripod all my images from 10 years have been Handheld

When Cody turned in the water and started his run towards me I just kept the shutter button pressed. The A7r4 captured every image with the 10 frames and continued to keep focus on Cody

Take a look at the eyes on Cody there crystal clear.

A simple tip if I can give it don’t mess about in the Menu settings all I do is use the Custom Keys to set back button focus, Switch Focus Area, and APS-C mode

I hope this helps you and please ask anything and I will try my best to help.

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