A New Chapter Begins

Over my lifetime I look at birds flying and wonder can I capture that bird in flight, freeze the wings, produce an image for a album, or magazine cover. My answer is yes.

Barn Owl 2020 just before the kill. Sony 200-600 A7r4

Is it possibly to capture a Bumblebee in flight as it approaches the flower to feed on nectar. My answer is yes.

Bumblebee 2020 Sony A7r4 Sony 90mm

Can I capture water droplets hitting fluid a small droplet moving in the blink of an eye. My answer is yes

Water droplet 2020 Sony 90mm f2.8

Then I ask myself would it be possible to capture a fast moving bird in flight follow it panning quickly as it makes its way across the water. My answer is yes.

Turnstone 2020 Sony A7r4 200-600

Another challenge, could I take an image of a bird coming in for a fish on the sea. Answer yes.

Have I the skill to do a Sunset, sunrise landscape. Yes

Could I Balance a water droplet on top of a single Dandelion Clock in water. Yes.

Or could I take an lovely portrait of my Granddaughter as she looks at a rose in the woods. Yes.

So from a boy to a man the Old movie portrait image captured with Tungsten lighting has always fascinated me. I love a challenge so I am starting my Black and White image challenge. Yes I have knowledge of my camera but light and shadow is another technique I want to explore.

So to my next style of photography I venture with my little studio in my loft.

I will post my results when I get some images and report back on it but first impressions are fantastic build and the light is very bright and it works with my Gidex X1,Trigger. It has a modelling bulb and a flash function.

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