Sat 28 Jetski Session.

Morning folks I got a message from the Nathan the lad I captured on the ocean a couple of weeks ago on his jetski. So he is heading out onto the sea at 9 this morning and I have been asked to take some images of the moment.

I am a bit curious about the lighting and this early with the Sun very low and where the launch area is I am not sure if the sun will be out or the light be great for this yet another challenge.

Lens choice, do I use my 200-600 or get a stop more light and use my 100-400 but sacrifice the reach. Well if I post later then I got the questions right.

Questions i ask are.

  • What Shutter Speed to capture a jetski, a big subject.
  • What lens 100-400 or 200-600
  • What focus are Centre or Zone.
  • Position up on the bank or low to the water.
  • Background dark banking

Safety is a concern.

  • Muddy banks
  • Slippery all round the jetty
  • Low Tide or High tide.

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