Godex 40011 Indoor Gangster

First attempt with Godox SK400II 400W Studio Strobe, Power 5600K Max GN65 Flash Speedlite Monolight.

This is a new adventure and will take many hours of practice, i just wish i had numerous models that could sit for me and enjoy the moment. Its very hard doing self portraits when your learning about lighting shadow and how to create it.

All my wildlife skills and knowledge are no use to me but i love a challenge and will use the winter months to learn all about using strobe and Flash, de-fuser and all the other aspects of indoor portrait photography.

These images are just a bit of fun and i hopefully get better as i practice.

I then tried taking images of a lamp and other items, gradually moving the strobe from 45 degrees around till it was level with the backdrop. I should have used a de-fuser but the Godex 40011 has a modelling light and you can lower the brightness from a dial on the back of the strobe. I am very impressed how the light can be change.

Again when i get a model i can see the shadows better on the face.

First image was at 45 degrees with the strobe about 6 foot high pointing directly at the lamp. Then i moved it round 20 degrees more but lowered the strobe, then the last was level to the lamp against the backdrop.

All images were taken with the Sony 1.8 85mm Lens in complete darkness, settings were ISO 1000 Shutter 1/10 aperture of f4. Focus mode AFS

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