Attempting Shadow Photography

Decided to have a go at shadow photography up in the loft, Ruth got me a White Bed sheet for £2 from the Charity shop and i used the Godex 400ii in the Prop mode and Godex trigger X1 to operate flash. I positioned the light about 2 feet from the white sheet and had my camera 10 feet from the light.

I used the tripod for the camera with the Tamron 28-75. After a few images with the De-fuser fitted i started getting ok results, so i read an article about using a grid fitted the the strobe, but i didn’t have one. So i used a shelf that had a metal grill fitted to it, with a pair of pliers i cut out a piece grill and placed it on the front of the strobe.

That made my light more of a circle so really to get it small i need a Snoop to get the smaller circle, but i am on the right track to get my image of a girl holding balloons. The settings were f11 ISO 100 and a shutter speed of 1/160 using the trigger to operate the flash on the Godex 400ii.

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