The World Today.

I find myself turning the channel over or tuning into something else, I stop listening to someone, or tell them to stop I would prefer not to to hear it. Find a place of peace, sit on a bench and watch the birds fly, pet dogs run after a ball, or just sit and watch the waves come in over and over again the sound of the waves giving me a feeling of calm.

As I get older I find myself looking at the world in a different way, the change has not been sudden just slowly over the last 5 years. I write these thoughts as it helps me in my daily thinking one that other people must have.

And I am at no point depressed while writing this, its a feeling that needs to be said.


I used to wake up and turn the news on and watch the daily stories that would have one Happy One at the end just to cheer you up.

Then I would watch the same news on the other channel, just a repeat of the story told by different presenter. So 2 hours would go by watching the 120 minutes of news 2 cups of tea.

Within that 120 minutes there was let’s say 5 to be generous of Happy News.

So I go about my day I go to the kitchen and ask Alexa to play Radio 2, a song plays I sing for a while but the time is just coming to the hour mark and the News comes on telling me what I watch for 2 hours before I got up.

I walk round my static van just for exercise trees blowing a soft tune to meet my steps as a person approaches me, morning I say only to be told what I already know, they ask me my thoughts on a War a War we should not be involved in.

So I make my way back to my armchair I decide to find an old Film to watch a nice film with a Happy ending. It cheers me up as I sip my morning coffee, the the advert comes on a Donkey, Cat, Dog or a Child so thin with flys covering his face starving. I turn over as quick as I can to be met by an advert for Cancer or another disease that takes over your body without a choice in it.

I woke up at 7 its 11 and my mind is filled with sadness I can’t snap out of it, all I have seen or heard for 4 hours is Doom And Gloom, pain and suffering.

You might blame me for being ignoring what is going on, but I wake up now and write as I listen to Vangelis or and music that is soothing to my soul. I make a point of not watching the news, watching TV for the sake of it.

I love my Wife Ruth and my Children my Bella and my few friends that all understand my Mind.

I don’t like the World we live in, and it won’t get any better, I feel for my children that will have their innocent minds Brainwashed everyday by the daily news, or gossip, any form of communication from what ever source.

Maybe its because we didn’t have 200 channels to pick from, one TV CHANNEL Radio One or Luxembourg to pick from. No Charity’s asking for money on 200 channels. We didn’t see Animals Suffering, children starving, No Teenagers taking their own lives all because of a Man who created Social Media worth Billions that causes Mental Bullying Lies and Hate tells Untrue Stories of people dying.

I could go on but people will say he is getting depressed again, far from it I had my eyes wide open to our daily comings and goings long ago. I say these words because its true and maybe you agree and some may not. So wake up tomorrow and make a mental note of how many Happy Things you see or hear.


I wake and I am grateful for what I have. I listen to my music, then tend to my Wife’s needs maybe a Cuddle then a Cup of Tea for her. Bella calls me with her whistle or says Morning Dad. We play and learn new words .

My Camera waits for me to get the settings ready, wildlife, street, portraits pets, or just nice landscapes. Pick up my Silver Birch Owl to carve in the feathers . Finish it off for someone to love and appreciate. My 2 ladies happy a head off to my 6×8 wooden hut, or to the river Greta or the Wenning.

Back for lunch I let Bella out make my Ruth a sandwich listen to music or right down that I saw the Kingfisher or Barn Owl.

After lunch I sit and carve my wood sitting and surrounded by tall trees filled with birds of many species all singing away. The afternoon finishes so we make tea and sit on the decking, make a fire 🔥 and listen to more music.

My head is clear happy with my Day no troubled thoughts or images I saw through the day.

You can say I am lucky to have the life I live. But I made this life it wasn’t just a gift, it took commitment and hard work that many men not just me have done. So I make the choice to live like this, its the life that makes me happy and I go to bed at night and sleep well.

To be continued

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  1. I echo your words.. my thinking too. – I learned years ago to not listen to the news, or read papers. It does happen, but not often, and I treat it like “noise”


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