Do you Remember When.

I used to open my eyes and say to myself I must phone my friend today. I want to hear his voice again. There is no landline so I hope it’s sunny so my walk will be a pleasure to do. So I get dressed and have a brew thinking of how I will start my conversation.

I must remember to tell him about that funny thing I saw last week, and the mate we served with all those years ago. The new Stereo I got after saving up for it. My new cassette recorder that has 90 mins record time. Which one is the nearest to walk to Red, or Silver tall light bright at night, stood in a road or on a corner, working and clean with instructions how to use it.

The words are in German, English telling you the dial code for your country. Coins that you can use, and instructions to get the call you so desperately want.

As I get dressed I think of things I am going to say to my friend trying to say everything in 5 mins. I look for my coins I find 50 pence in 10 pence coins. I hope this is enough. I start walking it’s a nice day I pass people saying hello, they ask me where I am going, I reply, to phone my friend.

I arrive at the red object open the door to see the receiver hanging down, as I lift it I take the coins from my pocket and go to put one in, only to see s foreign object jammed in the coin slot.

Not to be put me off I think of the next communication object and know there is one about a mile away, so I make my way still excited I am going to speak to my friend. The rain starts to fall my thoughts still about my friend no rain will spoil me special time.

It’s taken 40 mins to get to my only way of speaking to my friend. I shake the rain off and look down at the pool of water round my feet. The phone is working, I reach inside my pocket for my coins, that’s strange I can only find one. My anxiety builds and excitement turns to sadness as I know 10 pence would only get the call connection.

I try to think positive, I am on holiday I have 10 days still to do what I want so I will run back to the box where I left the 40 pence I placed on the metal silver shelf. I am very fit and run back in no time soaking wet from the rain still falling.

Luckily the money is still where I left it, picking up my excitement returns, the rain stops I slow down to get my breath thinking what was I going to say to him. I see the object in the distance and as I approach I see s figure inside using the communication box. As I get closer I see Pound coins stacked up on the shelf.

There is no point of tapping on the window to ask will you be long. What do I do it starts to rain the wind gets stronger so I shelter under the bus stop close by. Watching the person reaching for the next coin to put in the slot.

I try working out how many minutes he will get for the coins sitting on the shelf, what shall I do go home and come back later or wait. I decide it’s best to make it back home and return later and it can be my daily run.

The thought Was There.


  1. I tried explaining to a young man what it was like before the days of cell p hones and a phone in every home. Totally foreign concept. Good story.


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