Phone a Friend

I made my plan that I would phone my friend this week I set a time I dressed in appropriate clothing. My route was far but nice with fresh air and scenes to bring a smile to my face.

But not for the want of trying the plan failed through no fault of my own, but I made the effort that took around 2 hours if my daily routine.

So I move forward in time it’s 2008, I want to surprise my friend the one I tried making the phone call to all years ago.

My eyes open, I think I will call my friend today, I hope he is in. My Quilt is so warm my pillow soft and moulded round my now bald head. A hot cup of tea sits on my bedside table my loving wife put there.

The Red Box I used to walk to only to be broken is a relic a site not many will make reference to. My Granddaughter was modelling for me before lockdown in Blackpool and I wanted a photo of her stood next to it for her to look back on and tell her children that’s how we made a call once before the Mobile was invented.

I asked her to go inside the Red phone Box and her reply shocked me. ” How do I open it Granddad”.

So I decided to call my friend, my body all warm I reach out my arm to pick up my phone, that was hard work. I look at the screen it lights up, I touch it with my finger his face appears. It’s my friend I press on a icon in green representing a phone. The number rings.

There is no reply, so I sip my tea then read look what the weather will be like today, I press the phone icon again he answers, hello mate how are you, not bad Blackie, we talk for 30 mins,.

The thought was there.

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