My New Model Hildegard

When you cant get a model to practice light and shadow then just using your initiative will bring rewards. I am amazed by lighting and shadow and coming from bird photography i cant stop thinking and practicing with light and shadow, i am going to keep practicing with Hildegard as she makes my work so easy i don’t need to learn the language and she does as she is told all the time. I can place her anywhere in my Loft Studio and dress her up like i want.

On a more serious note i love Black and White images, and trying to replicate it is so hard, the film industry used Tungsten lighting to create lighting called the Butterfly effect and Loop lighting all named from the light direction that hits the subject. Its very hard to create but with some practice just like my bird photography you need to spend many hours of work to even gat near the results they got all those year ago and still use today.

Anyway Hildegard flew in yesterday and we had our first photo shoot last night. I really hope i can produce stunning images that are interesting and give the viewer a different type of photography to enjoy.

I will explain in a later post the names that are given to the different types of lighting effect.. These were just my first from last night.

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