Why Do We Worry.

64 years of worrying seems a normal everyday occurrence in most of our life’s some big some small, many that just last mins hours or just a day to sort

Others will last for weeks maybe months or years. But personal and family worries are different to something that has no effect on you or your lifestyle, effect your feelings.

I seem to have hit a stage in my life where I don’t have any worries if you can call them that. Nothing to worry about is a very strange feeling and one that I can’t get used to. It makes me feel that something is going to happen that’s out of my control.

I have changed in so many ways, why I can put my finger on it but I am not complaining just xpressing my feelings. Can I just say if you live in a world of no worries it means everything is ticking over, but when the smallest thing happens it seems like a massive worry.

Is this because you get used to not worrying or just that your waiting for something to go wrong and anticipate it happening.

When I say I have changed I mean in a way that material things used to matter to me, not they don’t now it’s because I used to let things get to me if my car got a scratch on it, or my phone screen got a small ark on it.

Lately I have had a few little mishaps which at one time would have sent me into a rage followed by days nights of worrying about if only I had done this it wouldn’t have happened.

Now I just brush them off and say there’s no point at even going there. It’s a lovely feeling controlling the mind to a point where it makes you feel better and will give you a longer life.

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