Sony 85 vs Tamron 28-75

Art In Self Portrait

Reading up on taking a portrait of yourself is a expressing yourself and showing feeling and emotion not to the person you looks at it but more to the photographer himself. He learns about photography and at the same time sees faces only other people see, not all faces and expressions can be seen by the person making them.

I am not vain in any way shape or form, and i have been taking self portraits for 40 years long before the SELFIE came along. It is very challenging and demands patience and skill to capture an image of youself with a expression with feeling and meaning.

The setting up procedure alone is all about angles and light shadow and many other factors to reflect the mood. My first attempt las year was one of my best but i cant create it again as i think it was more than a bit of luck with no knowledge i have now. People say that if begin to love yourself you will create images that are amazing and shows an art form within the photograph.

Since starting my blog and writing everyday together with many styles of photography has brought me to confidence in trying out new things with my camera, its all about imagination which i have but comes to me at strange times of the day, writing down settings to reflect the image is another thing i have started to do.

Lens choice is not that important to me as if i capture and unique image using my phone its not the amount of megapixels you have or make of phone, glass or aperture its about the Capture like my Owls chasing each other in 2013 an image that’s not Sharp in anyway or has a nice background to it. It is the capture the story behind the image that to means more than anything else.

Short Eared Owl chasing the Barn Owl 2013 Canon 50d Canon 100-400mk1

Many people don’t see the image quality in a image its more abut what they see when the gaze across it for the first time, a good indication is if the speak straight away or look at it for a while before saying anything. My family are a classic example, i show image to my wife Ruth and she responds in seconds if she sees something special or unusual.

So yes its nice to have nice glass but when i show my image to anyone they will say “I Love That” they don’t say what Lens did you use or what camera was it taken with. Yes i love having nice glass and it is expensive but that’s what i thrive on great quality and of course a fantastic image helps.

Look at the following images and decide for yourself with image is taken with the Tamron and which is taken with the Sony. All the settings and light were the same for all the images.


  1. Great photography. I can not really tell the difference in the self portraits. Those owls are fantastic. We have nothing like that where i live. In regards to your feedback, i think it is because of your tags you use. I am for around 8 tags a post. I include tags like, blog, photography, blackandwhite, Monochrome etc. Using a number of tags really helps you reach more people. But do not use more than 10 as wordpress might link it to spam. so between 7-9 is what i aim for. I will link your blog to my next post to help you out. Hope this helps.


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