Sony 100-400 Everyday Use


Day 1

So Dark it wouldn’t be fare to test any lens in this light.

Day 2

Clouds Clouds and rain


Heavy rain. Clouds.

Day 4

O how lucky you are if you live in a sunny part of the world, or just a place on earth with dry weather and decent light.

Before my blog I would just like to inform anyone who does Photography that I live in the United Kingdom and the Light is poor bad and difficult to plan a day out with the camera. That is why I change my style in winter to Street and Portrait and creative photography. So when the images to support my simple review on the 100-400 lens are displayed have in mind it’s probably done in in low or dad light.

Making this a more fare review rather than %99 of reviews that are done in Sunny Parts of the world with Big Birds moving slow.

have owned the Sony 200-600 and the Sony 100-400 for just over 12 months using then on the Sony A7R4. My main style of photography is wildlife and I must confess that the 200-600 has spent more time on my camera than it’s bigger relation.

I read many people’s opinions that they sell there 100-400 and don’t use it enough, but my question is, if this lens is more expensive have the Sony title of G Master on it then it must be a cracking lens.

I was with Canon for 9 years having both 100-400 models the MK1 and MK2, the MK2 is still in my opinion the best wildlife lens for all round birding and wildlife. Being on my 7Dmk2 with a 1.6 Crop factor was ideal.

Dustin Abbot who gives a very in depth review on all the products he covers has stated clearly he was in the same opinion to me that the Canon 100-400 was hard to beat, but has agreed he would get better performance from the Sony G master.

He would not make that statement if the Sony did not impress him like it did.

I think a lot of the time we don’t put a lens through its full potential and that’s why my new aim is to use the Sony 100-400 for a few days shooting all manner of Photography and see what the results are.

Heading into my local village will give me an opportunity to try some street photography without getting in top of people. Also the Dog lovers walk and run the little critters on fields where I live so that is another area I will be looking at.


I think sometimes when you have 2 wildlife lenses it’s going to be a case of getting to know just one because you can’t shoot both at the same time, but my thoughts are just say I had just the 100-400 would my opinion have been the same as when I just had my Canon 100-400.

Yes I was using a Crop Sensor body so I had more reach, but the tracking focus ability is far superior than tha Canon. So as you know I use the Sony A7r4 and it’s common knowledge that it has 61mp and with a press of the Button on the lens or on the Camera body I can switch to APS-C mode. Still giving me more megapixel than a lot of Apsc camera bodies. So from 6mp I go to 26mp still have the same focus speed and tracking a Lightning AF system that produces amazing images.

I wish I could contact Sony and tell them an honest opinion on this lens. Yes there are hundreds of diagrams and technical reviews all over the internet but when your buying a lens the average person just wants to know if the lens produces an amazing image in the right hands.

Let’s put the record straight, I have heard and seen many comments about the 200-600 having focus issues not just one lens but many. Can I be honest and say my images speak for themselves and if Sony were producing bad products it would kill their camera industry.

So my question is a simple one. Could it be User Error not the A7r4 or the 200-600?. People just decide I will become a photographer and go out and buy the best equipment thinking the advanced technology will take an amazing image they can post on Facebook. It takes years of practice to become a wildlife photographer. So there disappointed and start slagging the equipment off giving bad reviews and causing people to think twice about making the purchase.

I don’t have to justify what I say my images speak for themselves. But I want to give my 100-400 a chance and show what a great lens it can be. No charts or comparison to another lens, just a guy with 10 years experience with Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, Sony and other Cameras and lens so I w

Also in my thinking will be a few portrait images of my wife Ruth in the local nature reserve to get an idea how good the Bokeh is at the 100 distance. So to summerise I will be covering.

  1. Action
  2. Street Photography
  3. Portrait
  4. Architecture
  5. Macro

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