Waiting Again For Light

I sit in another day of heavy cloud, the never ending grey no break of light blue. The once blue sky of September October and November December gone a glimmer of hope is all he has. Waiting is normal his camera sits in anticipation of being pick up, focused on anything that brings a smile to his face.

Darkness hangs over the North like a battery loosing power, the fading light once so bright, it’s more like night. Dark days bring dull faces no smile in the sunlight. The glow that shone in his face a memory like a fading picture that had sunlight passing over it.

The Cloak sits heavy above our dwelling pulled back briefly to let a millisecond of Sun through, he rushes for his camera but as he gets in his motor vehicle, it’s gone, it’s happened, finished just like that.

World expands day after day casting it’s anger down in disgust over the population that doesn’t realise it can’t carry on this way, something has to give it was not meant to be like this.

Another 10 hours of darkness, long nights sitting no more hoping of a Day when the Grey clouds stay away. No praying for good light as it won’t come.

The world has changed no going back now the damage done, no repair can restore it, damaged beyond recognition of memory only some of us remember.

Poor world no help I sight it’s fate sealed by the human race.

Apologies to late for our wonderful creatures doomed by the greed of man. Everything suffering because of our need for more, with no consideration to the impact it has.

Waiting has become the norm for the Photographer, and it won’t get any better .

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